Finding Beauty In A Broken World: In the Spirit of Frida Kahlo

uprooted, originally uploaded by lapinfille.

The fabulous Veronica Ebert, aka lapinfille, is showing two of her pieces in this show curated by artist and art critic Lenny Campello:

Frida Kahlo inspired show opens

The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at Smith Farm Center in Washington, DC will be hosting Finding Beauty In A Broken World: In the Spirit of Frida Kahlo.
This exhibition showcases the work in all mediums of artists selected by me and whose work is influenced not only by Kahlo’s art, but also by her biography, her thoughts, and her writing or any other aspect in the life and presence of this powerful artist.

Frida Kahlo’s artistic footprint in 21st century artists from all over.

This is the third Kahlo show that I have juried in the last decade and I am floored by the range of work and interpretations that I selected.

return to the picture is dead

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8 pm

The Picture is Dead

with The Parlour Scouts

Art Outlet
Danville Body Shop 1415 North Danville Street
Arlington, Virginia 22201
Cost: Free

Pat Padua will project images.
To hear what we sound like, visit or

great wall

great wall
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I was walking around Chinatown and through an open doorway saw a pair of big-eyed puppy cut-outs hanging on a wall. I went in to investigate what turned out to be a kind of storefront Buddhist temple. A donation table was set up where you could pay a dollar for a fortune (see above). The temple matron sat at a reception desk across from the donation box, so I paid for my fortune and asked if I could take a picture. She said yes, but when I took aim at a pair of wall-hung big-eyed monkeys she said no – I could take pictures of Buddha but not that. Hmm.