The So Empty Inside Variations

So I’ve been busy (and sick) the last few months,  and one reason for the former if not the latter is the show that opened at the posh L2 Lounge in Georgetown Thursday before last, and came down yesterday.

It all began with a set of Hernard Title Letters that my friend Robin  gave me.  I wrote  about my early experiments with these letters, and background on why it would occur to someone to give them to me here.

The phrase “So empty inside” was born of real pain and emptiness, but art sometimes goes places you don’t expect it to, and in the setting where I hung a 30″ x 30″ print of the above,  it took on a new meaning.  When I checked into L2 on for the first time on FourSquare, I was greeted with the message, “Congratulations! You have checked into your first speakeasy!” The exposed brick lounge is across from and an extension of Leopold’s Cafe in Cady’s Alley, but not only do you need to know where L2 is to find the place, you need a membership to get in.

So Empty Inside” was one of the first and best of the 3D-lettered photos I took, and it has been a template adaptable to invitations:

Come to my show!

And to live commentary:

Thanks to all the people who provided support and/or materials, including Veronica Ebert, Robin Edgerton (who provided the letters), Pat Goslee (thank you for the nomination!), Andrea Hope of Vivid Solutions for the great prints, Heather Goss, Samantha May of Hillyer Art Space, and Michael O’Sullivan.  And thanks to Tony Padua and Garth for help installing.

Bonus image: a print I couldn’t get made in time for the show:


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