gahd forgeeve me!

Gahd forgeeve me!
Photo by Pat Padua.

I wrote more than 3000 words for the DCist last week, including a roundup of this week’s new and repertory movies and a review of the Kandinsky/Stella exhibits that just opened at the Phillips Collection.  Those were on my docket as the week began. But when I woke up Sautrday, I didn’t plan to write a 1200-word report on the first live stage reading (with original cast members) of The Room at the AFI Silver. But I did, and you can read it here.

See my set of pictures from The Room Live on flickr.


One thought on “gahd forgeeve me!

  1. Gahd says, nothin' doin'.

    But I give you props for the spoiler warnings on your “The Room” review.

    Now I gotta talk to Gahd about some spoiler warnings for real life.

    Someone needs to instruct the gent in your photo in the proper use of a clear garment bag.

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