for silver spurs

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for silver spurs, originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

I plugged my address into the Historical Washington Post database and found letters that a little girl wrote to the paper’s kids’ page. A number of them were written under the pen name SILVER SPURS. As an adult she had watercolors shown at the Washington Art League and won $100 in a competition to design dust jackets for EP Dutton’s Everyman Library imprint

The Post’s boys and girls
Oct. 1, 1916.

Dear Aunt Anna and Pets:

May I join the pets’ corner? I am a turtle,
and I wear a fine coat of mail. My
story is this: One day as I was crawl-
ing along the ground a tall man picked
me up and carried me to his home. I
was very scared, and crawled into my
house. About two weeks later my mis-
tress threw out some bread for the
birds and I, being very hungry, quick-
ly ate it up. After that she put out
bread and water for me every day and
sometimes raw meat. May my two brothers
join also? Love to you and all
the pets from RAYMOND.
(Owned by Elizabeth Langenbeck.)
Yes, indeed, Raymond. you may join.
We have several turtle pets in the pets’
corner. –A.A.


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