buck the singing deer head

only $199.99

Features include:

  • Mouth moves and sings to: “Rawhide”, “Friends in Low Places”, “Sweet Home Alabama” “Suspicious Minds” “La Grange” “On The Road Again”
  • Buck has infrared motion sensor mode which will allow him to start singing when motion is detected
  • Hand-detailed to look remarkably realistic, this trophy perfectly blends into its surroundings and is carefully constructed to mimic life-like movements.
  • Buck has a speech function, which allows Buck to actually speak to your guests and patrons
  • Built-in volume control
  • Buck’s head can nod up and down in a “yes” motion
  • Buck’s head can shake from left to right in a “no” motion
  • Buck can make a funny phrase before he sings his songs
  • Buck’s Ears can wiggle randomly or on command
  • Buck’s remote control operates Buck’s movement, voice, and songs (great for giving a startle to unsuspecting passers-by) with a distance up to 15 feet

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