"let’s quit our jobs and find a farmer’s market and buy some peaches"

“let’s quit our jobs and find a farmer’s market and buy some peaches”
Originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

Jakuta and Carl opened up for The Picture is Dead last night at DC9. Jakuta is kind of an avant-garde new wave lounge singer performance artist, and Carl is his laptop. He opened up his set sitting at the edge of the stage crying into his hands muttering over and over, “God help us all,” although at first I thought he was saying, “Gotta have a song”. Maybe we’re both right. He seems like a smooth guy when you meet him but for his act he plays at some stew of awkward foreign mentally challenged person without rhythm or tune. His songs are about feelings – “exploding hearts” is one title – and he’s a welcome antidote to 21st century hipster irony – emotion is masked through layers of irony of course – “ineptitude”, “gq style,” (shades of Andy Kaufman) but his sincerity shows despite the act, or the act is a way for him to comfortable express sincerity in an ironic hipster world. Fascinating and likeable, at least for those audiences members who didn’t walk out in befuddlement. Poor things.


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