51% U.S. Grant, 52% Britney Spears, 100% Yeast

the glamorous life w/a nameless yeast
Originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

I was desperate for lip balm one evening and all my friend had was Burt’s Bees lip gloss (pimped here).

So I ran this through the beta face recognition software at my heritage, which matches you up against a database of 2400 celebrities (not sure if Henny Youngman is among them). Among the matches this picture got me:

Naomi Watts – 62%
Wole Soyinka (?) – 61%
Britney Spears – 52%
MalcolmMacDowell – 52%
Ulysees S. Grant – 51%
Tennessee Williams – 50%

results have varied even on the same pic, so it must be learning – last night the top two celebs were reversed, and Madonna clocked in right between US Grant and Tennessee Williams. I’m relieved to know i have not yet lost my Britneyesque charm.


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