flickr convergence

flickr convergence
Originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

This has been an odd month for flickr connections. A few weeks ago, iwantamonkey, a local contact I’d never met, got a job at my old office. We finaly ran into each other in the coffeeshop that I’ve photographed so often.

Last week she posted a picture of her new cubicle – which looked awfully familiar. It happened to be my old cubicle! I spent ten years in that thing. I gave them the best years of my life!

Tonight I was waiting at the bus stop watching all the girls watching all the girls go by, when a couple goed by. I watched them. The red-haired fella looked familiar and he thought he recognized me – it was Will, the star of goodgolly’s photostream – and here’s goodgolly! Will knew me from the first-grade picture I use for my icon, because my hairline is the same you know. Golly wisely suggested we part before things got awkward and we’d stare at our shoes and ask if you like things and stuff.

I gave them the best years of my life!

It’s a regular Flickr invasion in nameless yeast town, and that’s not counting the one camped out and singing songs under my bedroom window, despite all my warnings about the rats. We’ve traced the phone call – it’s coming from inside the house.


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