Originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

I had an internal ear bath via suction and scrape. (I know, this isn’t an ear you see above, but it’s more interesting.) (Because out of the mouth you have words and song and the ear simply listens which is fine but, you know, participation is good.) (Although the passive nose strikes me as somehow more romantic than that of the ear; no you cannot smell music and without music what would we do, how would we woo and headbang?) (And yet, all three are intertwined, hence the professional compartmentalization of this specialty, which granted could also be prone to fetishism). The clog that had vexed me since sunday and before was more than waxy build-up, not one but *two* kinds of fungi. How they got in my pyjamas I’ll never know. The suction originally produces a strangely pleasant sensation, like an aural scratch, but pleasure began to end when the suction ran out of stuff to suck.


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