thumbs for peace

thumbs for peace
Originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

As we walked through the march, Snelson would go up to pretty women and other photogenic characters saying, “We’re from Denmark – can my friend take my picture with you?” He shot some 400 pictures with my digital, and I shot nine rolls of film, the most I’ve ever shot in a single day.

John was wont to approach even those who seemed intimidating. But this was a carnival for peace. In this convivial atmosphere, dozens of people accepted when John, in the guise of a touring Dane accompanied by a mysteriously Filipino cameraman, asked for a picture. It wasn’t until after the march was over, and we had left the grounds, that his photogenic advances were rejected, by a moustachioed subway worker, who in a curious mirroring of the days events, was discouraged by his Asian colleague.


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