PiL on American Bandstand

Public Image Ltd: Information From Answers.com

The teenage dance show American Bandstand was, circa 1980, entirely innocent of such things, with a history beginning with the likes of Frankie Avalon and extending to the mild end of ’70s pop-rock. PiL’s booking there revealed a latent fiendish streak in host Dick Clark. The band mimed to the bleak soundscapes of ‘Poptones’ and ‘Careering,’ from Metal Box, with Lydon haranguing the cameramen and making no effort to conceal that he was lip-synching. The studio audience made a valiant, but futile attempt to dance and stay in character, ruined by Lydon’s good-humored incitements to storm the stage. General chaos broke out, and the show ended with the audience dancing with band members, band members goofing on their instruments, and Lydon chatting with fans while ‘Careering’ blared on. Clark, in later years, would refer to the appearance as ‘One of the ten best American Bandstand episodes of all time.’

watch it here (20mb .zip)


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