german disco, which I found searching for a movie of that name. google provides a translation:

Disco fever is a prevention project for the avoidance of traffic accidents with young people and young adults. The action wants these young people on emotional level to address and without prohibitions attitude and changes of behavior reach. Major task is the activation of the target group, which is to develop even projects and actions. Here a substantial difference to other clearing-up campaigns lies. Under the slogan “we need you also tomorrow.” it concerns also to obtain a positive life feeling.

Results of the action, in which in the last years in Schrobenhausen over 3.000 pupils and pupils took part, are e.g.. * Songs * homepage * poster rows * dance performances * Szeni performances

Disco fever understands itself as dynamic process, which acts including as large a number of interested persons and groupings as possible flexibly and situation. The project is promoted actively in the context of the health initiative “Bavaria” the Department of State for nutrition, health and consumer protection for two years. In May 2003 the starting signal for the Bavaria-far conversion was given.


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