Jazz Funeral to be Staged in New Orleans During Bush Inauguration

photo by pat padua

from common dreams:

NEW ORLEANS — January 1, 2005 — On January 20, 2005, when George W. Bush is taking the oath of office to begin his second term as president, a “Jazz Funeral for Democracy”€ will parade through the streets of downtown New Orleans lead by the world famous Treme Brass Band to mourn the occasion…

…According to Buddy Spell, one of the archetects of the action, “While the rest of the country will be focused on the beginning of Bush’s second term, our objective is to show the world that we are not in support of a continued war in Iraq, the torture and inhumane treatment of percieved enemies, record inflation, flagrant disregard for the constitutional rights of all citizens, state sponsored homophobia, government deception, and four more years of rule by a small group of wealthy, elite, corporate hacks. This will be a time to remind the president that he has a sworn obligation to represent and respect the rights and wishes of ALL Americans, including the 56 million people who voted against him.”


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