“ramona,” by johnny bombay and the reactions.

a lost dc power pop plassic. get it from the Schoenborns. Oh isn’t its pedigree a curious delight to you of all ages and lands and creeds. Greg S., who put up these and other historical recordings, played bass; and one Abaad Behramr (maybe I wasn’t kidding about creeds) played guitar. and get this, Mr. Behramr would later – or was that before? – play in the Razz, who gave us … Tommy Keene! can you believe that? damn. I remembered it fondly from ‘hfs, and I beheld unto the original ep on ebay – change it for 2o ducats and read more on who begat whom, here. I don’t remember it 20 duxworth of fondly, but free and fondly is peaches.


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